Ed Rooster says...

Welcome to the world of win win win!

Crowdsourcing fun, conversation, visibility, and marketing — that’s what erooster.tv is all about.  Ed Rooster invites to you be a part of the winningest site on the web.

Enter a contest and you’ll win by having a great experience both creating a video AND watching the votes and views add up!

Vote in a contest and get a chance to watch some of the most creative videos about events, products, and issues you care about.

Start a contest to get the best creativity of the crowd — you’ll discover what people love about your product, service, or event and have the opportunity to benefit from the collective creativity of the crowd.

Add an event and have a place for all the people who come to share the videos from your event — all in one place and associated with your event brand!  You can then host contests during the event, encourage sharing, and create community that lasts beyond the event itself.

Sponsor a contest and you’ll be right at the key intersection of people having fun engaging about products and services they love and companies that want to hear about it all.  What better place is there to be for letting people know what you have to offer?

So get started — in whatever role you choose to play!

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