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Robert Tinnell / Frankenstein and Me ( 876 Views )

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Set in a tiny Mojave desert town, this Canadian children's tale centers on Earl Williams, a 12-year-old boy obsessed with the notion of bringing back Frankenstein from the dead. Earl loves horror and frequently draws chilling pictures in class, something that gets him in trouble with his super-strict teacher Mrs. Perdue. Earl's father is a failed Hollywood actor and much of the boy's dreaminess comes from him. Earl gets a chance to enact his dream on Halloween night just after the police bring him and his buddy back home after catching them trying to sneak in to the drive-in to watch Night of the Living Dead. As soon as they can, the boys sneak out to a traveling carnival where they try to break into the House of Mysteries to investigate the actual authentic Frankenstein's Monster said to reside within. The next day the carnival heads to a new town, but as one truck pulls away, the monster falls out and is left in the road. Earl finds it and spends the rest of the picture trying to bring it back to life. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

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