Look at you, now look at me, the Earth and sky and the space in between.



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  • My name is Steven Jackson I am a Singer/Songwriter from Kingston, Ontario, Canada.I have been writing songs for many years and I view the process as a journey. The beauty of songwriting is you never know where it is going to take you. Many roads become explored within the labyrinth of your mind and many emotions are uncovered.

    Songwriting is very personal, for me it creates a reason for being on this crazy world; when many things in life don't make sense, writing songs does make sense !. I would also say creating music is a means of gaining Immortality, the music will continue to exist long after death. Thus I am leaving something behind. I strive to write songs that are honest and from the heart, as a songwriter it is important for me personally to bare my soul. Integrity is something that I strive for. I hope and pray that my music has integrity.

    Death is a theme I find very interesting in life, I have been obsessed with death even as a child. Probably because so many loved-ones close to me have passed away. You cannot help but be affected by it. Death is a constant in my life. As you grow older the reality of death grows closer, I hate the idea of aging and dieing but again it is something you have no control over. That isn't to say I am not going to fight it, I will try, but the idea of death haunts me night and day, and it seems that for me there is no escaping it.

    In terms of my music, I consider the music and lyrics to be equally important. I strive to write lyrics that are relevent to my existence. The words are a vehicle for my voice to reach out and touch people, and maybe make you think a little, after all lyric writing is in my opinion, a form of Poetry......."Up above my head there is blue sky, below my feet there is dark, somewhere in the middle there is me, lost in thought".

    Please give my music a listen, I think you'll like it.


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