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  • TFMW hail from Hollywood, California where they have been described by journalists and fans alike as a kick-ass energetic modern Nirvana fronted by a girl. Wendy has been called a young female Marc Bolan with the intensity of Patti Smith while singing and playing her guitar during live performances with her four-piece band.

    Wendy (vocalist, lead guitarist, and songwriter), a guitar shredder for the last 10 years, cut her teeth by learning Van Halen licks at the age of 11. Her songs are the perfect mix of powerful punk, with a dash of pop essence, and a hard shot of Seattle grunge rock and roll.

    The band also includes Sean Winchester on drums, Brian Beckman on bass, and Claire Elizabeth on rhythm guitar and backing vocals.

    The songs on their debut album are a coming of age story about a young girl's journey from adolescence into early womanhood. This starts from the moment you began to like boys, first fumbling relationships, low self-esteem, being treated like shit; to retaliation by treating others like shit until you realize that you deserve better. The mind games, angst, hunger, hurt, and hunt for sex between boys, girls, men, and women; The good, the bad, and the ugly, its all there. The album ends with the discovery of the difference between love and hate. "Learning as a young woman that I deserve better, and there are some Call me Fabulous things about me and my desire to have better relationships from this point on. As this album ends, I hope to continue the journey and post the real life results on my next album TFMW 2.0."

    Los Angeles music icon Kim Fowely (who discovered The Runaways) is a big supporter of TFMW and has put up video snippets filmed with Wendy over the last two years on YouTube.

    TFMW has made two videos from their debut album that has already been added to MTV Networks Logo Channel. Six of the songs from her forthcoming debut album have already been heard on VH1 shows, including reality TV show Tough Love, where both I Like Boys and Mistress have been featured. Recently the band performed on B In Tune TV, a show that appeared in over 200 million households.

    KROQ Indie 103.2, The Monkey in Seattle, and Sirius Satellite Radio has aired songs from the forthcoming album. She has also been featured in the new artist section of Revolver magazine. TFMW's debut album was produced by Devo co-founder Jerry Casale. The album will be released this fall supported by Rocket Science.


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