About eRooster.TV

eRooster.TV is the place to host your event footage and video contests. Launch a branded event or contest in minutes. eRooster.TV welcomes any and every event in the world to create an event page to upload video footage. This provides the world with a "SNAPSHOT" of your event. And, by capturing video content at your event, you can now have "On Demand Footage" once the event is over. Your event listing includes all your event details such as description, time, and location, map and ticket URL. Further, eRooster.TV provides you with the platform to host video/photo contests at your event.

Bring Video to Your Website

Our basic event and contest platforms are 100% free to use. Your eRooster.TV events and contests come with an embeddable widget (HD video player) giving you the option to host your event or contest on your own website. eRooster.TV is viewable and compatible with desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

For large events and contests please contact: sales@erooster.tv

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